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Ryan Chenier worked with Animeeple during the summer of 2010.  His primary responsibility was to design and model four 3D characters for a character posing application we were creating at the time.  Each also needed a set of parametric controls for body parameters, such as the stomach size and leg length.

Ryan’s main strength is his artistic eye.  He designed aesthetically pleasing characters.  He also took direction well, and was open to our suggestions.  Although we required very low poly-count models, he was able to design aesthetically pleasing and well rigged characters within our constraints...

Overall, Ryan was a pleasure to work with.  He is eager to learn, inquisitive, as well as talented.  Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Okan Arikan
(650) 417-5020

With over 30 years in the animation, illustration, advertising industries, as well as teaching at San Jose State, Chapman University, and other sites both in the United States and Europe, I have had the honor of hiring and training hundreds of artists. During this time I have written a large number of referral letters, but I can count on one hand the referral letters like this that I have written.

I have known Ryan Chenier throughout his entire tenure at San Jose State University. He has continually stood out as an outstanding student and person. Ryan entered the department with experience in the digital arts but had to learn the traditional arts from scratch. I have witnessed very few people that have the work ethic and tenacity to master these skills as Ryan has. He is extremely gifted in the digital arts as well as traditional mediums. 

In addition to the above skill sets, Ryan excels in production. He is organized, extremely dependable and can think outside of the box. Ryan has the ability to think through the most complex, demanding, and stressful situations.  His calmness in the most frantic of moments is contagious, helping a team stay grounded.  His unbeatable attitude and work ethic will be invaluable wherever he goes.

Among the Teaching Assistants in my classes, Ryan stands apart as a true leader.  I have seen him manage the TAs, helping diffuse challenging situations with his cool reason.  He is the one the other TAs look to for advice.  With proficiency in drawing and humble confidence, he has helped mold the vision of the class in addition to helping it run smoothly.

Of all the recommendations I have given in the past 30 years, I am proud to give Ryan my highest recommendation.

Sheldon Borenstein


Ryan Chenier                       
3D Game Artist
Zynga Inc.    San Francisco, CA                          May 2012 - Present
  • 3D Artist
    • Modeled and rendered grayscale environments for artists to paint over on Hidden Chronicles
    • Modeled, textured, and rigged various inorganic objects for unreleased titles
    • Created 2D and 3D effects in Flash and Unity for characters and environments
    • Established pipeline and reviewed outsourced animation for both 2D and 3D effects on unreleased title
  • Senior VFX Artist
    • Established pipeline and created VFX repo for unreleased Unity project
    • Used ShaderForge to create custom shaders for high quality effects
    • Worked closely with developers to ensure all VFX were performant and didn’t exceed budget
    • Used PBR workflow to create an environment that changed lighting and mood through multiple times of day and weather states

Aechelon Technology Inc.    San Francisco, CA                                               June 2011 – May 2012
  • Worked as a Geospecific 3D Modeler
  • Modeled digital buildings for flight simulator technology
  • Created multiple levels of detail for building models
  • Created day, night, and special textures for buildings

Animeeple Inc.           Mountain View, CA                                                             Summer 2010
  • Created digital models for mobile game assets
  • Created skeletal rigs for models to be animated in gaming pipeline
San Jose State University                                                                           August 2005 – May 2011
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentration in Animation/Illustration
Sheldon’s Art Academy        Oak Park, CA                                         Summer 2007, 2008, & 2009
  • Professional training seminar
Skill Set
Traditional Skills
  • Drawing, painting, and design
  • Perspective and Composition
  • Windows, Mac OSX
  • Pixologic Zbrush
  • Adobe Suite
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Mudbox
  • Unity